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Welcome to the
Laboratory for
Better World

How will your blockchain be part of building a better world?

Blockchain technology and decentralized systems could prove to be one of the most promising tools for social and environmental change.

We’re a team of communications professionals and crypto community builders, passionate about the potential of blockchain to make the world a better place.

Services & Support

We work with blockchain pioneers to create real community chemistry, providing marketing and technical support for technologies that make a positive impact on culture and climate.

Marketing Strategy & Consulting
Validator Services
Partnership & Business Development
Community Management
Web Development
Social Media Growth
Blog Management
Fundraising Strategy & Marketing
Governance & DAO Support

Validator Services

LOA Labs offers validator services to proof of stake blockchains in the Cosmos ecosystem. Current networks include
Regen Network, ixo, and Juno.

We participate in community discussions, actively participate in governance and take pride in our track record of uptime and contribution to our networks.

Project Partners